XPressBSS Business Software Solution

Your business at your fingertips - the information you need, anywhere, anytime

Main Modules and Features

It is yours - you ask we develop! And these full featured modules are ready to be integrated in your new customized ERP solution:

  • XPressBSS features: Company Setup and Management

    Company Setup and Management

    Customize XPressBSS to you business needs. Define countries, currencies, legal entities and users, amoung many others.

  • XPressBSS features: Customer Relationship Management

    Customer Relationship Management

    Create and follow-up leads and opportunities. Engage on the workflow to help converting leads into new customers.

  • XPressBSS features: Projects and Services Management

    Projects and Services Management

    Manage projects and their stakeholders – teams and accounts - and keep track of all team’s activity.

  • XPressBSS features: Inventory Management System

    Inventory Management System

    Detailed inventory, raw materials, consumables, by-products and any sellable goods.

  • XPressBSS features: Catalogues & Sales

    Catalogues & Sales

    Catalogue is where users can assign either stock or units to sales. Can be integrated into e-commerce or auctions systems.

  • XPressBSS features: Catalogues & Sales

    Invoicing and Accounting

    Bi-directional sales and purchase orders. Sales orders become invoices to customers and purchase orders create a payment to suppliers.



Upgrade your business in just 3 months

XPressBSS is a Customized Resource Planner powered by OutSystems leading low-code platform and built with a set of business management modules (integrating ERP/EDI tools and business processes). It focuses on the simplicity of use, enhances mobility and internationalization and provides a comprehensive view of the business, resources, costs, and income. 


Delivered through a Software as a Service model (you pay what you get), XPressBSS is very fast to deploy, can easily grow with your business, and benefits from two decades of Blue Screen's experience in building winning Business Software Solutions.

Customized Resource Planner

XPressBSS introduces the concept of “Customized Resource Planner”, the combination of the OutSystems low-code platform agility and business focus, with a powerful and dynamic data model that guarantees scalability and flexibility.


The benefits are clear:


Integrated business: A framework that allows to create or couple processes and applications across the various areas of your business.


Agile development: Ability to rapidly develop and systematize business processes and couple new modules to any existing ERP.


Total visibility: Business decisions benefit from centralized processes, bringing advantages to core areas towards efficiency and effectiveness.


Cost and time reduction: Unbeatable time-to-market that allows innovation projects and supports digital transformation.





XPressBSS supports virtually any Industry, and the following are supported out-of-the-box: Auction, Automotive, Health Care, Financial, Legal, Manufacturing and Real Estate.